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Hats with Motifs
Gifts from Nature - Woven or Knitted. Just for You!

To get exact sizes: We need 2 measurements:
    1) Around the head
    2) From ear to ear over the top of the head (covering the ears - where the bottom of the hat will sit)


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Danish Flags (three flags) Hat - $49
In soft and warm Regal Alpaca


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Pattern Hats - $45
Hand knit in Icelandic Lopi.  Lopi is a breed of sheep that dates back to the Viking Age.  Today these sheep bear the world’s longest and lightest wool - natural insulation - which is both windproof and water repellent. This wool is perfect for the Adirondack winters - tough and durable, but still soft and light-weight.

In addition to the natural sheep colors there are over 100 colors available. The color combinations listed for each pattern are our best sellers - feel free to come up with your own personal color combination.

Norwegian Reindeer

A centuries old Scandinavian pattern.

Available in Black with Grey Reindeer, White with Tan Reindeer, or Brown with Tan Reindeer

White Pines

Inspired by the White Pines around our log home.

Available in Tan/White, Midnight Blue/Light Denim, or Copper/Antique Gold backgrounds

Autumn Maple Leaf

Inspired by the brilliant Autumn colors in our woods. These vibrant colors alone will keep your head warm.

Available in Green, Black, or White background


Traditional design.

Available in Burnt Red, Celery, or Light Blue background.


I created this design for my “Autumn in the Adirondacks” Exhibit at the North Gallery in Lake Placid.

Available in Celery, White, or Antique Gold backgrounds

Autumn Star

A centuries old Norwegian design.

Available in White, Tan, or Black backgrounds.

Dancing Granny

A traditional Scandinavian design.

Available in White with Tan Grannies, or Denim Heather with White Grannies.


Working with wool - it was a natural addition to our hat designs - besides we had way too many requests to ignore it.

Available in Tan background with White or Dark Sienna sheep.

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Handspun Reindeer - $49




Handspun & hand knit in soft lambs wool from a local flock.

Colors are the sheep’s natural colors. No dyes.

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Handspun Sheep - $49

Handspun & hand knit in soft lambs wool from a local flock.

Colors are the sheep’s natural colors. No dyes.

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